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Lem says:

I’m a Uniball and Muji fan, myself. Moleskines and Field Notes are gorgeous, but too $$ for me. The Apica notebook looks pretty though!

What a puzzling kit. I can get ‘sublime’ for a lot less than $400. How about a Uniball rollerball?Ok, it’s not sterling silver but it’s not going to cost more than the royalties of your first ten publications put together. And you won’t lose your cool when you leave it behind at Starbucks. I would have spent more on the pencil though – get a 0.7 automatic pencil so you don’t need a pencil sharpener when the end breaks off in your pocket.
It looks like this setup is meant to be portable. Leave the valuables at home and relax!

Hallie says:

The Bulgari ballpoint pen writes novels for you.

Essential Utensils

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Nothing captures a flash of inspiration more efficiently and reliably than the trusty toolkit of pen and paper.

Accordingly, it’s common to see designers, writers and just about everyone else toting a notebook and writing device in bag or pocket. And while nobody really needs more than a No. 2 and a wad of college-ruled, clutching a sophisticated Bulgari pen and scrawling in a well-designed tablet can be truly sublime. Here are a few options that run the gamut from low-end to luxurious.

1. Field Notes Memo Book, $9.95 for three

2. Prismacolor White colored pencil, $0.88

3. Bulgari ballpoint pen in sterling silver with black cotton resin, $450

4. Faber-Castell 9000 2H pencil, $1.07

5. Staedtler Lumograph pencil, $0.99

6. Bulgari Scripta Volant ballpoint pen in sterling silver, $420

7. Moleskine Pocket Reporter Ruled Notebook, $10.95

8. Apica A5 Notebook, $2.75


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