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Guest designer Ramy Fischler discusses his new Chinoiserie collection for Tai Ping.









Event Recap | Tai Ping Carpets Launch Party

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

What happens when cultures collide? Judging by fine carpet manufacturer Tai Ping’s new Chinoiserie collection, the result is great design.

Inspired by a book of French 18th-century Chinoiserie watercolors, Paris-based guest designer Ramy Fischler designed a collection that marries French and Chinese aesthetics. Fischler didn’t stop at the floor—the industrial and product designer also created furniture that incorporates a similar color palette and pattern as the carpets.

We recently previewed the new carpets and furnishings at a launch party held at Tai Ping’s Merchandise Mart showroom in Chicago, where Fischler shared his inspiration for the collection. And if you missed out, you can hear (or read, if you don't parle the francais) Fischler share that inspiration in this video.

Also stunning was Tai Ping’s new Eclipse collection, which reimagines traditional Asian visual arts, including ink brush painting and Chinese landscape painting. “In my travels throughout Asia, I was inspired by the modernity of the region and the avant-garde approach to the arts, as well as its influence on the west,” Yasmina Benazzou, Tai Ping’s design director, says. “This collection aims to celebrate cutting-edge creativity and contemporary aesthetics, while remaining rooted in tradition.”

We even got a sneak peek at Edward Fields Carpet Makers’ upcoming collection, which will launch soon. While we’ve promised to remain mum for the moment, we can say that we’re excited to share the vintage-inspired wares from this Tai Ping brand when they launch.