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Eye Candy: Back to the Future

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Photos by Eric Laignel

Architectural designers Scott Strasser and Erick Ragni didn’t have to look far for inspiration on their Banks Street Residence project. Their client’s previous home already conveyed the clean lines and modern sensibility they were looking for. So for their new house, the design just needed a contemporary update.

Riffing off the homeowners’ midcentury Case Study house, the Houston-based duo of StrasserRagni had their starting point. “A big part of the driver [on this project] was to bring out a new, more modern interpretation of that style of living,” Ragni says.

The two-bedroom residence, which was built with studio space that could easily convert to additional bedrooms, had classic-modern touches like walnut kitchen paneling and large window walls. Exposed-concrete floors and other de- sign choices brought the house up to date.

To deliver the quiet privacy the home- owners requested without comprising the property’s openness, the architects cut out the clutter.

Ragni and Strasser concealed mechanical systems behind a wall and kept other “ceiling and wall acne,” as Ragni coined it, as minimal as possible with creative engineering, relying on lessons learned in retail and commercial design projects. “We want our clients to come home to feel relief from the stresses of the hectic life we all lead,” Ragni says.

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