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The custom wood panels with an integrated puck system from CUBIC give the store owners flexibility for merchandising. “We understand the aesthetics of good design. Our modular store fixtures are simple, flexible, and seamlessly interconnected,” says Scott Parizek, principal of CUBIC Visual Systems. “They allow the product to become the focal point.”

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Retail Design | Family Fun at Freedlove

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Photos by Guy Cali Associates

Sisters and Freedlove owners Aril and Nadine didn’t have a big budget for their new flagship store in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But with hard work, creative thinking, and some help from their friends they created a store that is as fun, energetic, and youthful as the women’s clothing and accessories it carries.

Architect Michele Dempsey of DxDempsey Architecture Design and Planning worked with the owners to design the store, focusing on creating signature elements like the staggered wood ceiling that would add visual interest to the long, narrow space without breaking the budget. “The ceiling really pulls you into the store and creates a clear identity,” says Dempsey.

To save money, the team worked with the existing layout and reused the built-in wood cabinetry. Custom wood panels with an integrated puck system from CUBIC were added to give the owners flexibility for merchandising. DxDempsey designed custom modular wood displays that line the floor, which were fabricated by the owners’ family friend. “We had wonderful partners,” says Dempsey. “The process was really uplifting and fun.”

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