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Fear No Fashion

Monday, June 9th, 2014

By Brandy Kraft
Photos by Joel Rhodin and Ingrid Sjödahl

Technically impressive and awe-inspiring, the work of Swedish fashion designer Bea Szenfeld is some of the most exciting in her industry. And the best part is their unconventional materials: Szenfeld has been known to work with challenging textiles such as toilet paper, cardboard, and aluminum Nespresso containers.

The artsy Swede got her start at Beckman’s College of Design in Stockholm, which has a reputation for annually producing Scandinavia’s boldest and most exciting new crop of avant-garde designers. In her short career of just more than a decade, Szenfeld has designed for Stella McCartney, Hello Kitty, and Björk. She also creates special designs each year for the Swedish Grammys.

The latest collection to come out of Szenfeld’s studio is made completely out of paper. When asked why, her answer is simple: "I think that the relationship between the designer and the material is very important, and paper and I are very close." To complete the collection, she worked with a team of 15 assistants every day for six months, cutting and sewing every piece by hand in her Stockholm studio.

Her famous Nespresso suits were created as a special commission for the coffee giant. Between Szenfeld and a team of six seamstresses, they took three straight weeks to complete—each contains approximately 2,000 coffee pods that had to be opened, emptied, and stitched together before being finished off with a Swarovski crystal embellishment.

And as a sort of battle-armor bathing suit, it gives new meaning to the term "swimwear"—while exemplifying Szenfeld's fearless vision of fashion.

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