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Embroidered infographic for Good magazine and Levi’s


Maricor/Maricar embroidered the word ‘delicious’ in six languages for Hong Kong International Airport


A winter-sweater-styled embroidered headline and drop cap for a January issue of Esquire UK

MaricorMaricar_TOMS_SydMural copy

Window display for the TOMS holiday campaign

MaricorMaricar_Toms_12DaysMensMaricol copy

Watercolor illustration for TOMS

Fill in the Blank | Maricor/Maricar

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Portrait by Lucy Leonardi

Twin sisters Maricor and Maricar Manolo’s introduction to the concept of graphic design came from their high school art teacher and Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series The Sandman, with its cover art by Dave McKean. “We were particularly drawn to his mix of hand-generated graphics and digital art,” Maricar says. The inspiration stuck. The sisters started off as “traditional graphic designers,” but since founding their Sydney, Australia-based studio Maricor/Maricar, they’ve incorporated colorful hand-embroidery into design work for clients like TOMS, Levi’s, and the Hong Kong Airport. “We’d love to work on designing textiles and creating a product line eventually,” Maricor says. “Weaving and rug making are a couple of things we’re very keen to experiment with as well—it’s something we could potentially combine with our embroidery.”

We would love to design embroidery for… a Wes Anderson film.

If we had only a week left to live… we’d rent a place in Italy or Spain and invite all our family and friends to spend the week in the sun enjoying the great food.

The movie title that best describes our lives is… Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs since food features often in our work and we’re constantly thinking about food.

The best thing about being twins is… we can borrow each other’s clothes.

If we were two animals we’d be… a monkey and a mouse.

If we weren’t designers we would be… bean counters.

In the year 2100 design will be… as multifaceted as it is today.

Maricor is… the evil twin (depending on who you ask)

But Maricar is… also the evil twin (depending on who you ask).

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