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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

By Justin Ray

The term "mobile home" conjures one kind of image and "sustainable smart home" another.

But this forward thinking house, qualifies as both. Designer Werner Aisslinger, with help from a South Tyrolian team, has constructed a home that is sustainable, durable, portable —and probably many other things that end with "able." 

Fincub, a modular home, is located in Northern Italy. The one-bedroom is made of local wood and sits on a larch "pedestal" above ground. The base of the structure is 2 square meters while the kitchen, living space, bedroom and bathroom add up to 47 square meters of living space. The minimal soil usage enables use of the land without disrupting nature and it allows for easy dismantle or transportation. The building itself leaves a very small CO2 footprint due to its low energy consumption. All major house functions are monitored by a central touchpad. 

There's nothing hillbilly about this mobile home.

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