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Bryonys photography

Bryonys photography

Fine-Art Fashion

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

By Brandy Kraft
Images courtesy of Bryony Shearmur       

When photographer Bryony Shearmur was asked to show her jellyfish photos for a group exhibition in London nine years ago, she had an unusual idea: print the images on silk. Wanting to make the jellyfish “move” as though they were floating, the idea sparked nearly a decade of experimentation and investigation into the world of silk printing.

Today, Shearmur has mastered the art of transforming mesmerizing images into wearable luxury for her brand Silk by Bryony. She shoots on a medium-format film camera— an old Hasselblad by which she swears. Batches of negatives are scanned into high-resolution files, edited, and sent to the printer, where a fine-art giclée method is used to digitally transfer the images onto silk and ensure their quality. Upon their return, each scarf is cut and finished by hand with a delicate stitch along its edges.

“I want to do this thing slowly, really well, and develop a quality product,” Shearmur says. “It has taken me a bit of time, but it’s been totally worth it.”

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