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Five-Star Design

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Featured Company: Angelica Henry Design - Location: Gilbert, Arizona - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: Five-Star Luxuary

Photos by Mark Boisclair,

By Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

When a Phoenix homeowner hired Scottsdale-based interior designer Angelica Henry to give the house a facelift, Henry aimed for a total transformation. “The client,” she explains, “wanted to upgrade this lackluster production home into a modern and luxurious hotel-like atmosphere worthy of five stars.” Henry introduced all-new detailed ceilings, new finishes, ambient lighting, architectural modifications, and a vibrant color palette that gives each chamber the feel of being its own hotel room. She was going for that “wow factor.”

In one bedroom, a fire-engine red light fixture resembling hanging strands of curled ribbon plays against an all-white motif, and one entire wall behind the bed is taken up by a pattern of matching red droplet shapes that resemble raining sequins. In another, the master bedroom, Henry outfitted the wall behind the bedpost in a brilliant, glowing lime-green laser-cut wood panel. Her goal, she says, “was to make the panel slightly evocative of an Asian floral motif inspired by the client’s cultural heritage.”

It’s no surprise then that Henry went for similarly dramatic gestures in the master bath. The bathroom vanities, her favorite element in the entire house, function more as an art installation than anything. “These vanities float on a backdrop of shimmering gold wallcovering and glow from behind through the use of concealed LED lighting,” she says. “Shadows are cast across wall cladding fabricated from MDF panels that were custom routed and then painted.”

Wow factor, indeed.

If These Walls Could Talk

To be sure that the walls exuded as much luxury as the rest of this contemporary home, designer Angelica Henry called upon the textured wall paneling of Soelberg Industries. “This project has a perfect balance of tile, glass, textiles, metal, and Soelberg panels,” says Steve Soelberg, owner and head of product design and development. “My favorite design element is the juxtaposition of all these things. It’s a space I could live and relax in.”

His favorite attribute in the home? The way that light showcases the walls. “The beautiful chandelier that hangs directly in front of our textured panels accentuates the texture and really brings it to life,” he says.

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