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Flying Houses

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

By Gem Barton

First shown at Dock en Seine City of Fashion and Design back in June, Flying Houses, a series of ‘digital composites’ by French photographer Laurent Chehere, has raised a few roofs. Driven by his interest in architecture and expressed as a metaphor for travelling, the Flying Housesgive us a new perspective on the idea of site-specificity. Remove an everyday object [the house] from its everyday environment [the street] and the metaphor of ‘travel’ becomes elevated and begins to tap into notions of safety. 

Chehere has a great eye for composition and the choice of tone and color of each individual sky-drop perfectly accompanies the materiality of the house and it’s character. We are introduced to a collection of different houses and apartments in various states of disrepair. Chehere shows us the glamour of First class, the discomfort of coach and everything in between. 

Flying Houses gives us new angles on these buildings that we inhabit and experience every single day, revealing aspects that we would never have seen had they remained rooted to the ground. We'll be keeping a keen eye on Chehere’s next project whether it be airborne or earthbound.

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