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Invisible landscapes / Earth at Glassbox Gallery, Photo by Davor Sanvincenti

FREAKS freearchitects

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

By Gem Barton

FREAKS freearchitects recently completed a new ground floor exhibition space for Glassbox gallery, an artist run association dedicated to contemporary art, in Paris. FREAKS are an exciting young practice with a respectable catalogue of completed works, plus they put monkeys on their drawings, which is cool.

FREAKS were charged with creating turning the small L shaped shell into a compelling street façade as well as a flexible internal gallery space that would maximize the exhibition surfaces. The solution is painfully simple [the best ones always are] and is centered on one 180° rotating, over-scaled door/wall that acts as a single unifying element creating numerous different configurations. The façade itself can also be fully withdrawn to open up the whole space to the street, the continuity is emphasized by the asphalt gallery floor matching that of the sidewalk.

FREAKS freearchitects, lead by French design trio Guillaume Aubry, Cyril Gauthier and Yves Pasquet are a Paris-based architecture practice favoring prospection, research and experimentation through projects and building process practices. As a result they were awarded the AJAP prize from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2010. Founded in 2007, Glassbox has moved to several locations in the city but March 2012 saw it reopen near its historical location, rue Moret.

The photos above were taken during the first opening exhibition Invisible landscapes/Earth by Croatian artist Davor Sanvincenti.

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