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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Residential construction site set-up and operation has remained virtually unchanged over the past 250 years. The process is inefficient, and therefore unnecessarily expensive. Building residential architecture in any American city is a costly endeavor. Architect David Wallance recognized a desperate need to revolutionize and redesign how we build urban housing and other buildings and began fighting for a solution.

“With urban housing there is a tremendous need for cost-effective housing,” says Wallance. “Construction managers say there is no real efficiency.” The solution came in a glimmer with the advent of using, of all the glamorous things, shipping containers to construct mid to high-rise structures. In 2005, Wallance was approached by two developers in New York, Alex Abrahms and Edlin Scott, who were interested in
modular building systems based on shipping containers. They wanted David to rethink the view of large-scale manufacturing.


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