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Ellis Residence by Coates Design

Ellis Residence by Coates Design

Ellis Residence by Coates Design

Ellis Residence by Coates Design

Ellis Residence by Coates Design

Going Platinum

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Located on Bainbridge Island, outside Seattle, the Ellis Residence by Coates Design might be remote, but it has all of the forward-thinking features of a modern house. The house comfortably blends with its surroundings and serves as an exemplar for contemporary American architecture with its Platinum-certified LEED design. It features a 70% energy-use reduction in comparison to an average North American home. Principal Matthew Coates was able to direct our attention to a few notable features about the house and speak to the task of achieving high-level sustainability.

How were elements of natural light and air coordinated with mechanical systems?

We took advantage of timeless passive solar strategies by orienting the home with broad overhangs and open glazing toward the south. The upper roof element is strategically oriented and perfectly sloped to provide the best solar access for the PV panels mounted on that roof slope. The main hallway contains a large masonry wall that acts as a thermal mass to help stabilize temperatures and reduce heat/cold swings.

What materials or products contributed to the rating, and were there any sourced from Bainbridge Island itself?

Nearly all of the materials are recycled, recyclable, or FSC certified. Yes, much of the wood, particularly the stairs and much of the trimwork, and wood benches was milled from a tree onsite. Much of the art and furniture is from local artisans.

Can you tell us about the beautiful exterior wood?

This is an FSC-certified type of “iron wood” called "Ipe'."  Ipe’ is very dense, therefore it does not absorb moisture, wont rot, insects wont bother it, and it does not need any stain or oil…virtually maintenance-free.

Does the polished concrete floor include radiant heat?

Yes, the concrete floor contains hydronic radiant heating tubes which are warmed by a geothermal heating system. The color of the concrete was achieved by a field-applied, soy-based stain, along with a soy-based sealer.

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