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22nd International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont

Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont

Monday, May 30th, 2011

What:  22nd International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont
Where: Chaumont, France
When: May 21 to June 5 2011

Committed to graphic design for more than 20 years, the town of Chaumont now owns a collection of 35,000 historical and contemporary posters of great value. The 22nd annual Poster and Graphic Design festival gives a prime role to lettering, with a show featuring Olivetti's commissions for its communications and typewriter fonts, and a show of work by American graphic designer Edward Fella. Bordeaux-based studio GUsto will bring the town's shop windows to life with Spanish white chalk. Sacha Léopold and Charles Beauté will propose an exploration of graphic design work conditioned by the constraints of various printing methods. And in public spaces, graphic designers and illustrators will play on the separation of silkscreen colours.

The International Competition

The jury will include graphic designers, designers, architects, and clients. It is chaired by M/M (Paris). The jury will award a 1st prize among all the entries and also  distinctions by category. An “Excellence Award Icograda” will reward the complete works of a graphic designer.

The Student Competition

The students are to reflect upon the theme “Open texts, the new statutes of writing”. Their works will be examined and selected by a jury chaired by Annick Lantenois (ERBA, Valence) and including Michel Aphesbero (ERBA, Bordeaux), Sophie Demay (Royal College of Art, London), Benoît Santiard (ERBA Dijon, Ecole d’Architecture et de la Ville & des Territoires, Marne‑la‑Vallée), and Susanna Shannon (ENSAD, Paris). It will award a Jury prize and distinctions.

The Workshops

The workshops will be led by the studio LUST, Grégory Ambos and Régis TossettiVier5Adrien Zammit and Nicolas FilloqueThomas Huot-Marchand, Sacha Léopold and Thibaut Robin.

For four days, about 100 students from all over Europe will be working on a poster on the aforementioned theme. The jury of the student competition will award three prizes for the works created during these workshops.


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