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Growing Old Together

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Featured Company: Carlson Homes - Location: Scottsdale, Arizona - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: The Rosenstein Residence

Photos by Pam Singleton / Image Photography LLC,

By Brandon Goei

So many things today are informed by temporary status—car leases, fashion, top-40 radio—that it seems rare to have something built both to last over a long period of time and age well with its user, all while simultaneously sporting modern design and an eye-catching aesthetic. That, incidentally, is what architect Gary Carlson of Carlson Homes achieved with his remodel of the Rosenstein residence in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When interior designer Cyndi Rosenstein approached Carlson, she told him that she “wanted to show how contemporary design could be combined with age-in-place concepts to create a convenient yet exciting environment,” as Carlson recalls.

The result of their partnership is a home that touts the surfaces, colors, and textures of a contemporary remodel while being completely wheelchair accessible. “The kitchen is a perfect example,” Carlson says. “The countertops are lower and the passageway between the island and the cabinets is totally barrier-free. The table allows someone in a wheelchair to roll right up and enjoy a meal or a conversation.” Other details like a fully accessible master shower and sliding doors throughout the residence illustrate the home’s functional aspects, while rift-cut cabinets, dimensional tiling, and modern lighting exhibit the architect’s eye for contemporary detail. “Each room fulfills an activity that makes it distinct from the other,” Carlson says, “guaranteeing its use.”

Furthermore, thorough attention was paid to augmenting the home’s spaces with lighting. Inset LEDs help to create a contemporary look, and a balance between the amount of light delivered by various sources was meticulously found. The home’s occupants also have the ability to adjust lighting based on needs and mood, providing a variety of environments within the same space and ensuring a place that remains flexible to its user over time.

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