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Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

By Jen Hazen

Sometimes you just can’t find the proper spice for that Ethiopian stew recipe. Or maybe you have a boring sandwich for dinner instead of sushi because Nori is nowhere to be found at the grocery store. Japanese industrial designer Moé Takemura understands the conundrum all too well.

As a resident of Sweden, Takemura longed to recreate dishes from her native Japan, but couldn’t find fresh, local ingredients that she was accustomed to using. So, she decided to take matters into her own kitchen. She visited farms, experimented with new concoctions, taste-tested, and experimented more to create her cookbook, the Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen.

The book, Takemura’s Master Degree project at Lund University, demonstrates how to marry Japanese food culture and the Swedish lifestyle. Inaccessible Japanese ingredients are substituted with virtually all locally available Swedish ingredients to create a unique array of delicious multicultural dishes. The only ingredient exceptions are soy products and seaweeds. Takemura believes they are key to a healthy Japanese diet, and will become more accessible in Sweden in the future. 

The book release party in Lund featured Japanese dishes from the book served in origami plates.

Written in three languages and filled with gorgeous photos to accompany the recipes, you can add the Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen to your culinary bookshelf for $49.

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