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Guillotine Camera

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

La Guillotine is a handmade camera designed and constructed by Steven Monteau of Bordeaux, France. The Guillotine, or Adidas camera, as its been nicknamed (its three stripes resemble the athletic company's logo) has three 25mm wide-angle lenses, triggered by a hand-operated shutter.

Monteau's DIY camera is similar to the Lomography SuperSampler, which also produces panoramic exposures, albeit in a far more innocuous and less violent manner. Taking its name from the blade-like shutter which the photographer slides through the camera, the Guillotine momentarily allows light to pass through the lenses and onto the medium-format film, resulting in dream-like panoramic sequences.

Monteau has designed two equally innovative cameras: the Jaw and the Battlefield. These and other photographic experiments can be found on his blog,


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