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Harmony, Thy Name is Rusty

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Featured Company: Cheryl Heinrichs Architecture - Location: Bend, Oregon - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: Rusty

Photos by Alan Brandt, alanbrandtphoto.com

By Brandon Goei

Outdoorsy people carry that descriptor due to the fact that they love the outdoors. Reasons for this obvious truth may vary largely, but a plausible guess is that the outdoors is fresh, open, airy, and rife with potential energy. So when architect Cheryl Heinrichs set out to build a home in Bend, Oregon, for an “outdoorsy” client, she took all these ideas to bat. And when the project took physical form, not only was it modern, practical, and intriguing—it also had just as much charm as its name: Rusty.

The home gains its allure from a combination of simplicities and complexities. The exterior façades involve a variety of repeating shapes, while three simple shed roofs of different gradients combine to create a contemporary silhouette and a butterfly roof. Similarly, the dimensions of interior spaces are informed by the interplay of the roof’s angles and a floorplan comprised of adjoining boxes, similar to what might be found in the cold expanse of a glass and steel behemoth, only to be warmed by the wooden textures in the fixtures, floorboards, and even in the soffits.

Perhaps the most defining factor of Rusty is the bond it fosters between Heinrichs’s client and the outdoors.

“The shape and location of windows and overhangs results in a sun-tempered/solar-heated home, filled with sunlight and fresh air, and possessing a strong indoor/outdoor connection,” Heinrichs says. Precisely designed windows keep the summer sun out and let the winter sun in, and a combination of solar panels and super-insulated walls help keep energy consumption ultra low.

As a result, Rusty is certified as Energy Star, Earth Advantage Platinum, and an Oregon High Performance Home, ensuring its occupant is connected to and respectful of the environment, both in mind and body.

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