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Haute happiness

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Slightly frightening Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck discusses his new collection, his recent retrospective, and the future of fashion.

What part of yourself were you trying to express with
Cloud #9?
Cloud #9 means the ultimate state of happiness. That’s what I wanted to express and create in this collection. An uplifting feeling. A reaction to the overwhelming bad vibes
we get day in, day out.

You just had your first career retrospective. Is it strange to revisit some of your earlier designs?

I’m really proud that once the exhibition came together, everything fitted extremely well together and my signature is clearly visible. Of course, my work evolved, and the world
changed, but my collections always have a contemporary feeling. What is shown in the exhibition feels rather timeless, not dated at all.

Who are your current style heroes?
I’m not that much impressed by the actual, so-called “stylemakers.” I’m really hoping [for] a strong, new, daring expression from a new generation! [It’s] high time to express
new feelings and to do new statements.

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