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Heart of a House

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Images courtesy of Scott LePage

Without a traditional family room, the homeowner of this Westchester County abode was looking to emphasize the most social room in her house: the kitchen. As a result, Fivecat Studio’s team reimagined the space, doubling the size of the existing kitchen and dividing it into two: A working space and a kid-friendly eating area that doubles as a place for creative projects and playtime for the client’s daughter.

“This is sort of the central hub of her house now where she can spend a lot of her work time and social time,” Mark LePage, a partner at the firm, says. The homeowner was very involved with color and material choices throughout the renovation process. Gleaming subway tiles, banquette table seating, custom cabinetry, an island topped with a thick butcher’s block, and other details give the new kitchen design a fresh look within context, LePage says.

“The style was intended to work with the more traditional style of the house,” LePage says. “But it did have a modern edge.”

Crown Point Cabinetry

This home was one of many collaborations for Fivecat Studio and Crown Point Cabinetry. “It was a perfect partnership of Fivecat’s architectural talents and our design skills and attention to detail,” says Crown Point Cabinetry senior designer Carole Stevens.

The family-owned custom cabinetry shop collaborated with Fivecat on a variety of innovative solutions for the kitchen, including strategically placed storage for cooking utensils and recycling, deep drawers for linen storage, and a broom cabinet.

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