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HGTV Premieres
“Staged to Perfection”

Friday, May 31st, 2013

What do Harrison Ford, Amy Adams, and Brad Pitt have in common? Aside from each having an Academy Award nomination under their respective belts (or four if you're Amy), they've all used home staging expert Meridith Baer to turn up the style in houses they're looking to sell. And come Saturday, you can see how she works her magic with her new HGTV series "Staged to Perfection" (catch it this Saturday at 5 pm EST/4 pm CST). She gave us a preview of what's to come on the show, as well as a few of her styling secrets.   

What are you most looking forward to viewers finding out about what it is that you do?

The public sees our finished homes, but they don't realize what goes into the process. We are often asked, "Do you have enough inventory to stage OUR home?"  All they have to do is see our massive warehouse and that question is answered.  

 Since Design Bureau is all about creating an “inspiring dialogue on design,” tell us: what inspires you while working on properties?

Really, everything inspires me when I working. [My team and I] walk the house and generally it tell us what it wants to be and who will buy it. Is is a family home or a sophisticated couple with no kids? How would they live in the space? What is the function of each room? If I were having a party, how would I get the maximum seating out of the room?  

For those of us who can’t have you stage our home to perfection, do you have any tips or tricks we could try ourselves? 

Yes! Sit in your room and let your eyes travel around it. Is there anything you don't like? Take it out. Is there anything you don't love? Pick it up and move it around to other spots. Still don't love it, take it out! We hold on to sacred cows for the silliest reasons. Get rid of what you don't love. Trade it, sell it, give it away to a friend or relative. Or just toss it. And don't think of your room as finished...ever! Design should be fluid. You can always be moving things around, trying things, changing the function of a room. 

Do you have a dream property you’d love to transform? 

The White House. It looks so dull right now!