Holiday Window Shopping | Topshop - Design Bureau

Holiday Window Shopping | Topshop

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Photos by Studio XAG

Next stop on the DB holiday window design spectacular: Topshop. For the brand's Oxford Circle, London store, Studio XAG created a pink winter wonderland, complete with sparkly pinecones and bubble gum evergreens.

Here's how they describe the display:

From the playful imagination of designer Emma Cook, pink pineapples and fairy lights fill a canopy of pink branches which lead you upstairs where the trees grow into Emma's surreal festive grotto. A vintage brass bed with silver birch tree posts fills the in store space, where mannequins swing from the tree tops and presents surround the bed. The two windows on Great Castle Street and Regent Street boast huge printed fairy light-filled canvases which are in the process of being unwrapped. Scrunched up wrapping paper and a giant foil ribbon falls to the floor and gift wrapped mythical creatures fill the window bed.