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Homeless Cop’s Epic Stoner Comedy

Monday, July 25th, 2011

If you're wondering what a Homeless Cop is, allow Homeless Cop to explain it in third person:

"Homeless Cop is a very special and different kind of acrylic painter. He was found in a castle on the moon. After living on Earth and then moving to Chicago, he has taught himself to paint and draw things as only he can. His eyes can see a thousand miles away, and he can read the minds of animals or control the sea. His artwork is a product of excellence and determination.

His work can be seen on Adult Swim, and his paintings can be found in the homes of celebrities and civilians who can appreciate the beauty and power of artistic expression. He will continue to create art and live among his heroes until he returns to the sky."

His latest project is a TV show that he wrote and produced called...Homeless Cop. Apparently, you can expect something like Yellow Submarine meets Seinfeld. The audio, music, and sound effects are in the can, and now, Homeless Cop needs your help to animate the pilot episode.

He's hoping to raise at least $30,000 in the next 58 days. One backer already stepped up and threw down a cool $3,000 in exchange for producer credits, a spot in the pilot, and a whole bunch of other swag. If those things sound enticing (or if a $5 call to the heavens is more your speed), go ahead and back the project over on Kickstarter

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