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Homemade Skyscrapers

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

You know when you see really intricate Lego structures (like this), and you think, "Hm. Well, was that really worth it?" Aren't Legos supposed to be fun? Aren't they supposed to be the opposite of tedious? Well, this video has nothing to do with Legos, but everything to do with building structures and having fun.

By assembling everyday items like books, stereos, tapes, and matchboxes, Spanish designer Luis Urculo created this stunning homage to famous architecture. Urculo, who spent time in Chicago (see if you can spot all of the towering Chicago landmarks), is trained in architecture but disinterested with the formalities of the discipline. More power to him. 

Click play and lose yourself in the series of hypnotizing recreations.

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