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“A stone base interlocks with the hillside on the northeast of the site and also becomes the visual base for the lighter elements of the building, like the living room, which cantilevers over the western cliff, and the master suite, which rests on top of the base,” says Schicketanz.


The roof was designed with the wingspan of the birds in mind and to allow the uphill neighbor better coastline views. The interior was designed to provide a seamless transition from the landscape and exterior architecture. Reclaimed flooring materials like teak and limestone transition to the decks and patios.




“The cleansing color palette of whites, dark grays, and browns was designed to contrast the vivid blue of the Pacific and the bright green of the springtime hillsides,” says Schicketanz.








Hot Home Design | Carver + Schiketanz

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Design: Carver + Schiketanz
Location: Big Sur, California
Photos by Robert Canfield

"This sloping property falls off steeply to the Pacific Ocean, and there was hardly any flat usable land. It previously had several cabins and paths and very cluttered, non-native landscaping. It was equally important to us to clean up the landscape, introducing simple curved shapes to emulate the coastline, and to design a building that integrates properly with the hillside.”

—Architect Mary Ann Schicketanz