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Broadway Carpet & Window Treatments custom-dyed and installed the wall-to-wall carpeting in the basement billiard room and gym. “We also worked with Eleven Two Eleven to find the perfect black-and-white carpeting that would link the basement den to the playful basement bathroom,” says Sara Koening, owner of the NYC-based company.




In a guest bathroom, floor-to-ceiling glass tiles wrap guests in the owners’ signature color palette.



Hot Look | Into the Blue

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

By Jill McDonnell
Photos by Emily Pober Higgins

What’s blue and green and quirky all over? This funky, 1960s, rambler-style New Jersey home. Designer Christina Salway of Eleven Two Eleven Design was tasked with finding cool elements befitting the kooky aesthetic of the owners, fun-loving former school teachers with a love of color and kitsch. Salway captured the colorful personalities of her clients with the bold greens and blues that permeate the house. Where she left the walls white, she painted the ceilings a sky blue so the homeowners could enjoy their beloved color without it competing with the exterior views framed by large vista windows.

“Each room recalls the pleasures from the clients’ past travels,” Salway says, and throughout the home you can see Florida’s art deco influence, as well as the owners’ unique New York City style. The mechanical drapes in the master bedroom also were inspired by a trip out of town: the clients’ stay in a hotel room. In a nod to her clients’ past career as schoolteachers, Salway created a downstairs bathroom that brings you back to the days of recess and cafeteria lunches with its air blower, soap dispenser, and black-and-white tile. “I would lay awake at night thinking of the craziest things I could do designwise," she says. Being given permission to use color outside of the lines? Now that’s a dream assignment.

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