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Fashion Designer: Jane Bowler


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 Bright colors, fringe, and recycled plastic materials are hallmarks of Jane Bowler’s designs.



Hyper Color Fashions

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Fashion designs from Jane Bowler have caught the eye of some of music's It girls (Rita Ora and Azealia Banks included), but despite the hype, she just wants to do what she loves.

By: Gem Barton


GB: You have a strong background in textiles. How does this manifest in your work?

JB: I always allow the process to define the form, working with the material in a way that dictates the shape and structure of a garment. It is such an exciting way of working, as often I really don't know what the outcome will be. The colors, texture, and unusual choice of materials definitely make it very different to anything else I've seen. The idea of transforming mundane plastics into high-end garments is quite a challenge, but I love the outcomes.

GB: Collaboration is a key part of your process - you have always been quite vocal about this.

JB: I work very closely with my knitwear team Heather Orr and Victoria Bulmer who are [also] RCA graduates. They both have very different styles of working which complement my collections perfectly. This season I am also working with Sophie Gray-Cowley, who is an amazing print designer; Lauren Moore, a bag designer; and Hetty Rose shoes.

GB: In the crazy world of fashion, how do you stay grounded?

JB: The Jane Bowler brand encompasses much more than just the label itself. It is also about teaching the generation of designers through workshops and teaching that I do, alongside seminars at the British Council and High Fashion Low Countries event in Antwerp.


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