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 Above: Circa by Pablo Designs 


SHY06 black 02

Above: SHY by Bec Brittain 

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F+L 110112 0567

Above: Invisible Lightswitch by Forbes & Lomax 


SilvaGiant_MG_6147Above: Silva Giant by Cerno 

ICFF, Illuminated

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Representatives from 33 countries will gather in New York City over the course of four days this May for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Architects, interior designers, retailers, manufacturers, and more will converge at the fair for talks, awards, parties, and exhibitions featuring the most buzz-worthy contemporary furniture, carpeting, flooring, materials, textiles, and accessories. Out of this year’s 500 exhibitors, here are a handful of companies doing particularly illuminating things with light.


For the last 21 years, industrial designer Pablo Pardo and his company Pablo Designs have crafted contemporary lighting solutions with an “uncompromising devotion to simplicity and utility.” Designed with versatility and portability in mind, the new Circa series features a flat panel LED shade that tilts and rotates in various positions thanks to a central axis point at the base of the head. For the digital-savvy consumer, the table, floor and wall models include a USB charging port for mobile devices.


Brooklyn’s Bec Brittain has crafted an array of whimsical light fixtures since 2011. Drawing inspiration from architecture, philosophy and product design, many designs, like the SHY light, manifest in unconventional geometric forms. The SHY light was inspired by a study of crystalline structures; a new variation will debut at the fair this May. SHY 21 will the largest lamp in the series yet, featuring a series of nesting modules in mixed finishes.


No light fixture would be complete without a good switch, an often-overlooked accessory that Forbes & Lomax have focused on creating since 1988. Catering to the small but necessary market of designer light switches, dimmers and outlets, the London-based company pioneered what they call the Invisible Lightswitch. A transparent acrylic panel sets the stage for wallpaper or paint to continue uninterrupted behind the fixture. The central metal toggles are designed with 1930s glass switches as a source of inspiration. 


Southern California furniture and lighting design and manufacturing company Cerno has created sturdy and efficient products since forming in 2009. With the intention of creating lasting, efficient and sustainable products, Cerno focus on employing a minimal material palette and LED light technology. Based on the design of their original Silva table lamp, Silva Giant stands at 84” tall, making it a standout feature of any room. Situated on a tri-leg base, the looming lamp is a statement piece with a fun personality. 

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