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I’ll Be Your (Really Cool) Mirror

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

By Joel Hoglund

If you're startin' with the man in the mirror, here's 10 of our favorite high-design creations to shine your reflection back in style.

1. French design firm Domestic's Radiolaire mirror

2. American firm BDDW's leather-bound Captain's Mirror

3. Glass artist Graham Caldwell's amazing Compound Eye

4. Valencia-based La Mamba's leggy floor mirrors with cork feet

5. Swedish designer Pernilla Jansson's Slim Fit mirror

6. Reflecting Design's convex Pazzo 38 mirror

7. Italian design house Regia's Diamante Mirror

8. Daniel Rosen's Weave Mirror, from his line of "mechanical mirrors" that use video cameras, motors, and computers to create a surface reflection

9. Tad Davinci's Zigzag Mirror

10. The iPod-docking Open Mirror from Italy's Digital Habits is an open source design with plenty of helpful how-to info for DIY designers to make their own.


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