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Illusion-Inspired Furniture

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Thin Black Lines Chair 

Japanese designer Akihiro Ito’s wire-frame chair appears two-dimensional from certain perspectives. Produced for Phillips de Pury's Thin Black Lines exhibition in London, Ito translates the substance of a chair into a simple, flat outline. Take a walk around it, and you'll feel like you're in A-ha's video for “Take on Me.”

Magica Chair

“I always wanted to create projects that could deceive and play with the customer,” says designer Davide Conti of his Magica Chair. A simple bent line defines a clear block of Plexiglass that disappears into the background, leaving the  surface in apparent defiance of gravity. Sharp 90-degree angles and a stiff surface mean this chair is better suited for marveling than kicking back. 

Imeüble book storage 

A dizzying, geometric storage shelf is rooted in a fascination with mental imagery. “There are no actual physical cubes in Imeüble,” says Bjørn Blikstad, who works in Norway. “Only those from the optical illusion.” Playing with depth and dimensionality, the spatial relationships of objects placed within are thrown into question. Blikstad hopes that over time they will form a “simple mind map.”

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