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Incase: Kreuzberg

Monday, October 18th, 2010

From Incase, maker of Apple product protection, comes a three-part series directed and curated by artist, curator and writer Aaron Rose. Rose used the built-in HD video camera on an iPhone 4 to capture footage of Kreuzberg, an artistic enclave in Berlin, Germany. According to Rose and Incase, the first film of three is a tribute to Brian Eno & David Bowie, who both recorded in Kreuzberg in the 1970s.

Featured in "Kreuzberg" is Fiona Geuss, an art historian who reads excerpts from Boris Groys' essay on "light luggage," and Nathan Harrington, a musician who created the film's original score. In the film, Harrington recites a poem written by Rose.

Two additional films and photo essays by Rose will release on November 2 and November 30. To read more about the project and to view the films, visit the Incase website.

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