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Infographics in Context by Peter Orntoft

Infographics in Context

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Danish graphic designer Peter Orntoft is taking graphical representations of statistics to the next level. Using clever visual tricks and simple but effective photography, the artist has found a way to transform opinions into an easy-to-read, real-life context.

For example, he photographed a woman wearing layered multicolor abayas, a headdress typically worn by Middle Eastern women, in different proportions to represent the percentages of Danish people who believed wearing religious symbols to work was inappropriate. And in another infographic for the same set of data, Orntoft color-coded beads on a rosary to correspond to the various percentages.

In comparison to Orntoft’s work, traditional graphs begin to appear formal and academic. His designs prove that informational graphics can be even closer to the reality they are supposed to represent. See, designers? Math doesn't have to be terrible!

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