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Lara Presber S/S 2011

Lara Presber S/S 2011

From Inhabitable to Wearable

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Each collection by architect/fashion designer Lara Presber incorporates elements from inhabitable spaces from around the world. To find inspiration for her spring 2011 collection, Presber traveled to the newly opened Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, designed by architect Randall Stout. The forms and construction of the building were influential to the extravagant shapes and mixed materials in her new line of party dresses and office wear. Her diverse background in both architectural and fashion design proves that structure, form and functionality are common grounds for both.

“I was incredibly inspired by both the sculptural silhouette and the obvious relationship that the building has with its surroundings," Presber says. "The city grids layered with the organic nod to the meandering river gave me a lot to draw from.” Presber actually managed to incorporate building materials into her garments. The blazer pictured to the right is constructed from Tyvek, a breathable, lightweight material that's fully recyclable.

Previously, Presber created a collection inspired by Jean Nouvel's architecture for the Arab Institute in Paris.

The Lara Presber collection ranges in price from $185-490 and is available in Calgary at the Lara Presber Boutique in Fashion Central, at AWEAR in
Edmonton, and Body Politic in Vancouver.

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