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Inspiration Through Vodka

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Absolut created a catalyst for cutting-edge creativity through its most recent campaign, Absolut Blank. The vodka maker recruited 18 artists from around the world to create works of art on the canvas of a bottle. Finished products include bright, complex pop art, 3-D arrangements using LEGO pieces, bread tiles with the stamped use-by date, and a painting that is reminiscent of a darker Gauguin.

While the featured artworks are a sight to behold, the accompanying app is probably not going to change the way you see the world. Rather innovative in concept, the resulting designs end up not as radical as the psychedelic iTunes visualizer.

Absolut Blank is yet another milestone in what has been an illustrious trend of artist collaboration for the vodka company. Way back in 1985, Absolut Warhol catapulted the liquor into rivalry with ultra premium brands. Following soon after, artists such as Keith Haring and even fashion designers fell in to cahoots with Absolut.

In this case, we say kudos for the effort, but we'll pass on the app and go straight for the main course of artist-created work.

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