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Fischbeck says she wanted a warm, laid-back feeling for the 992 Oceanfront project. Clean lines and a neutral color palette bring an airy feeling that doesn’t detract from the beautiful beach views.


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“What we do best is working with natural stone… it’s my passion,” says Carlos Aquino, owner of OC Marmol, which manufactures and installs natural stone for high-end commercial and residential projects like 992 Oceanfront. “Abodwell was looking for someone with an artistic eye and creative ideas, and I knew we could accomplish their vision.”

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Interior Designers Speak | Brittney Fischbeck

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

By Lesley Stanley
Photos by Dennis Owen

Brittney Fischbeck

Founder/Interior Designer @ Abodwell Interior Design
Location: Laguna Beach, California

LS: Did you feel pressure to develop your voice early on?
Brittney Fischbeck: Southern California is a mecca for design and there are so many talented architects and designers within a few square miles of Laguna Beach, where I live and work. My dad is a contractor so I spent many a summer vacation on construction sites—design is in my DNA. My parents encouraged my creativity, but were not totally thrilled when I announced, ‘I want to be an architect when I grow up.’ My dad said, ‘You’ll get stuck behind a desk all day drafting and be broke! You need to be a designer, it’s more rewarding and fun.’ What's the saying? ‘Father knows best.’ 

LS: What helped you to develop your voice?
BF: The projects I’ve been involved in. In the beginning my niche was historic cottages and traditional design. In recent years, I have been designing homes in the contemporary and minimalist style well enough that I have established a mini following. Fellow designers even refer potential clients to me if this is the style they desire.

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