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Joyce and Maya Romanoff


Interior Designers Speak | Joyce Romanoff

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

By Lesley Stanley
Photos by Gray Crawford 

Joyce Romanoff

President @ Maya Romanoff
Location: Chicago, Illinois

LS: You’re actually not an interior designer, but rather the president of Maya Romanoff, helping to create some of the industry’s most beautiful wall coverings and surfacing materials. Have you always been passionate about design?
Joyce Romanoff: I’ve always been interested in art and design, but never thought I would make it my career. But meeting [husband and business partner] Maya opened up a whole world of entrepreneurship, as well as art and beauty.He taught me how to look and recognize texture, color, and the nature of things.

LS: What inspires the Maya Romanoff collections?
JR: We find inspiration for new products from three main sources: nature, play, and collaboration. Our company has always focused on natural materials; we have collections made from hemp, seashell, glass, stone, and wood. In play, we are constantly experimenting with our current products, changing base material, pigments, top coats, and arriving at new products that we never could have predicted. And through collaboration, we have created unique, custom product designs with visionary interior designers who use our design studio as a workshop.

LS: Tell us about some of those collaborations.
JR: Our Spring 2013 collection includes Groove-V, a highly metallic, deeply embossed, modern vinyl that is the newest product from our ongoing David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff series. The collaboration has proven to be a fantastic match—David and Maya are both visionaries that surround themselves with a group of talented creative professionals who help support and realize their vision.

LS: When you look at a blank wall or floor, what do you see?
JR: A blank canvas! I see a chance to fill the void with beauty or ‘something that will inspire the viewer again and again,’ to quote Maya.

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