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Elizabeth Gordon’s Hollywood Hills project: You won’t see any white walls in this 3,800-square-foot neoclassical home located in the Hollywood Hills. Since its owners wanted the interior to be reflective of their eclectic taste and lifestyle, Gordon says she went with a mix of creative and sculptural artifacts that are either vintage or custom-made. “The more eclectic, the more fun I have,” says Gordon. Photos by Grey Crawford


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Interior Designers Speak | Elizabeth Gordon

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

By Lesley Stanley

Inspiration: It’s where every design project begins. Finding it is the easy part. It’s the process that comes next—the nurturing of that lightbulb of an idea and the challenges that arise—that tests the creative mind. We asked nine of the industry’s top professionals to tell us what exactly it is that inspires them, and when they follow it, where it leads.

Elizabeth Gordon

Founder @ Elizabeth Gordon Studio
Location: Los Angeles, California

LS: What inspires you?
Elizabeth Gordon: I come into contact with things that sometimes I don’t think will have an influence, but I will return to them and use it as a detail or approach in my work. For example, I once saw a model walking down a runway wearing this exquisite, streamlined and detailed dress. The way it folded and molded around her body became the inspiration for a chair, and how particular pieces attach and interact with one another. I also love (Jean-Michel) Basquiat. His art is like looking into his mind. The pattern, color, or motion will  inspire me on how to use textures, pattern, or color in a space.

LS: What helped you develop your voice in this industry?
EG: I feel like I’m still developing my voice. In a creative field, if you ever get to the point in your profession and say, ‘I’m there, I’ve created my aesthetic and no longer need to pursue new avenues of design,’ you become stagnant. I don’t ever want to get to the point where I feel like I’ve gotten there. That scares me more than anything. Whether it’s writing, design, or art, people are more interested in your work if it evolves and is not just the same old same old.

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