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Internationally Inspired Interiors

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Photos courtesy of Vogel Interiors

This model-turned-designer pulls her “eclectic chic” style from all corners of the globe. When Victoria Vogel transitioned from her career as a model to that of an interior designer, her biggest challenge was getting people to take her seriously. “Eventually, clients started to appreciate me for my work, but it definitely required patience and perseverance,” she says. Exercising those traits paid off, as she’s completed residential projects in Miami, London, New York, and Monte Carlo since establishing her own interior design label and company, Vogel Interiors, in 2009.

 After growing up in Italy, schooling in the South of France and London, assisting designer Richard J. Boone in Miami, and traveling the world, Vogel brings a style that she deems “eclectic chic” to her design work. “New York City and Marrakesh have inspired me the most,” she says, “but my style has few boundaries and is influenced by my exposure to all the prevalent styles in the countries I’ve lived in and visited.”

But if she could redesign the interior of any famous building, it’s London that Vogel would return to and Buckingham Palace that would be getting revamped. “I do like the element of surprise, so mixing antiques with some industrial and contemporary pieces would definitely be something different for that space,” she says. “However, I’m not sure how much the royal family would appreciate the makeover!

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