Invite: Chevy Sonic Launch @ Debonair - Design Bureau

Invite: Chevy Sonic Launch @ Debonair

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Somewhere, in a deserted parking lot, a brand new Chevy Sonic is inching closer to the edge of an enormous platform. Strapped to a bungee cord, the Sonic's fate is being decided by the public, pushed forward ever so slightly with every click of a computer mouse. If you'd like to see the car plummet, get to work at

Making this launch even more unique than all others, the tense, Saw-like broadcast is accompanied by a party at Debonair Social Club in Chicago on Friday, October 21. In addition to graffiti body artists, photo booths, and giveaways, four teams will be competing in the Sonic Badge Challenge. Publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Force will be representing team Design Bureau and donating the proceeds to Rock for Kids. If the DB team wins, the donation will double. 

So cheer on our fearless leader as he navigates some compromising positions, and RSVP to Bonus: You'll to get free drinks from 9 PM – 11 PM.

And remember to follow Alarm Press on Twitter so that you can re-tweet our tweets on the night of the challenge. 

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