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iQ Test

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

By Saundra Marcel

Scion has never been interested in the consumers who buy Toyotas, the cars of its parent brand. What it really wants are those Gen X- and Y-ers. So while lots of other car manufacturers are still clinging to mom-mobiles and SUVs, Scion is driving the other way. The iQ, Scion’s first new model in eight years, is a micro-subcompact city car. It’s a teensy-weensy ten-foot-long car with a thirteen-foot turning radius, allowing drivers to shimmy into unthinkable parking spots and pivot around the tightest of corners. Take that, minivans. 

Reality Rocks
Let’s be real. There are four seats in this itty bitty auto, but packing in four adult passengers is just an uncomfortable dream. That’s why the iQ realistically touts a “threeplus-one” seating chart: room for three, plus maybe one, depending. The left rear spot (behind the driver) is only good for cargo, impossibly small friends, or frenemies.

No Spare Space
Scion has decreed that its car buyers need trunk space more than a spare tire. So stow some Fix-A-Flat, stick to the beaten path, and cross a few fingers that a real blowout never leaves you stranded. Also, the seats are thin. No need for La-Z-Boy levels of padding; this isn’t a luxury experience. It’s an efficient driving one.

The Scoop
A nifty “scoop out” innovation makes the interior feel shockingly roomy. Up front, there’s no bulky engine, wheel wells, or glove compartments to contend with. All of those things are pushed forward, outwards, and under.

Emission Control
The fuel-efficient iQ averages 37 miles per gallon, an impressive number that beats out any other four-seater and rivals other nonelectric two-seaters.
It’s not great for going fast or far but will excel in your usual city driving and short commutes


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