Designer to Watch | Jayne Pierson

Dream Warrior

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

By John Dugan
Photos by Kahla Delahay

Welsh designer Jayne Pierson had a career in music with ’80s band Gouge and as an A&R rep before hopping over to designing for luxury brands. Today, pop music continues to be a guide for this advocate of slow fashion. “I’m especially interested in the transition of clothing to costume, playing and reality, the real and unreal,” says the designer.  “People in bands regularly have a character or concept they like to re-live and convey on stage within their songs.”

With her fall collection, an eco/sci-fi storyline, not unlike David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, is put into play. Pierson’s muse is the character Modrun, who moves freely between dreams and waking life. “Inspired by organic shapes created with perfect symmetry and balance,” Pierson says, “she pays homage to nature as the ultimate architect.” 

Pierson and milliner Rob Goodwin's hats for Modrun use elements of leatherwork found on American footballs and baseball gloves along with traditional metal work. Mushroom gills and plant skeletons inspired the undulating pleat-worked leather. And Pierson worked with century-old Welsh woolen mill, Melin Tregwynt, to create a signature luxe woven fabric.

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