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Heart in a Bottle Necklace by Jeffers and Ruff

Jewelry that Tells a Tale

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

We're used to books being adapted into movies, but jewelry lines? That's a different story, and it's being co-written by jewelry artist Aaron Ruff and children's author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers.

Their Oliver Jeffers for Digby & Iona jewelry collection transforms Jeffers' fantastic storybook characters into sterling silver miniatures done in Ruff's signature style. “The line would perhaps be better described as an adaptation rather than a collaboration,” says Ruff. “I took Oliver’s books and picked out themes, characters, and props that would best lend themselves to 3-D objects.”

“We worked together to imagine how [the characters] would look from every angle as pieces of jewelry," Jeffers adds. "Seeing the first samples arrive was very exciting.”

After many sketches, samples, and tweaks, Jeffers and Ruff settled on seven pieces that capture the characters' playful personalities. Put one on, and you'll bring a little bit of childhood whimsy to your very serious adult life.



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