Brown suede lunch bag

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Hands Off My Suedette Lunch Bag!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

By Joel Hoglund

Designer Jil Sander caused a bit of a stir over the summer when she released a $290 brown paper bag (albeit with a fancy laminate coating, stitched seams, and the all-important designer logo embossed at the bottom). It sold out faster than you can say "pastrami on rye," and Barneys is now selling a black version for $260, but if you're looking to spend a more reasonable amount on your couture lunch bag—say, 46 Euro (about 60 bucks)—check out this brown suedette homage to the classic kraft paper lunch bag from Parisian online retailer According to Striiiipes, My Suede Lunch Bag is made in Paris and mimics the exact dimensions of the American classic we used to take to school every morning. (Of course, where we went to school, toting this sack around would've been a clear invitation to a mugging). The inside lining is white vintaged cotton, perfect to cradle the Wonder Bread and bologna sandwiches you'll be eating for a couple weeks until you pay this one off.

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