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JustK’s Sustainable Secrets

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

By Justin Ray
Photos by Brigida González

Despite good intentions, it cab be difficult to make buildings that satisfy a client's needs while trying to be kind to mother nature. This home in Tübingen, Germany unites functionality and energy conservation.

JustK, created by German studio Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen (known as AMUNT), is a zero energy 138sqm passive house that uses its environment to its advantage. The facade facing south has shading panels that are disguised as shutters that get maximum sunlight, providing electricity. The entrance to the building has been elevated to allow room for a 75m ground-air heat exchanger that heats spaces throughout the home. With the asymmetrical construction of the roof rainwater runs off more efficiently.

The interior of the house is composed of three levels of varying heights. The ground floor contains the spacious living room lit with natural sunlight. A staircase leads to the upper level a work/social area that includes benches and contemporary furniture. The top floor contains a bedroom with views of the surrounding foliage. Wood was used as the primary building material as a renewable source, most of which was sanded and soaked in soap to preserve its crisp, clean pale color. It was also used because the house is meant to allow for future modifications. The building was made for two adults and four children however the architects made room for growth.  A separate living unit can be made with independent entrance by splitting the main living space on the top floor. The house also includes overlapping open spaces that give the homeowners the feeling of freedom despite the minimal living space.


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