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Kitchen Redux

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Featured Company: Susan Brook Interiors - Location: Seymour, Indiana - Project Type: Residence - Project Name: Horizontal Walnut Kitchen

Photo by Susan Brook,

By Brendan Dabkowski

For those of sturdy Midwestern stock, the kitchen often functions as the “heart” of the home. Susan Brook of Susan Brook Interiors focused on this notion in her kitchen design in Seymour, Indiana, crafting a space where clients could both work together and entertain with ease.

“The walnut has a gentle, timeless beauty,” Brook says, “but running the grain horizontally gives it a polished, contemporary look.” Functional elements also were integrated into the wood to make the space easy to work within. “The horizontal walnut stands its ground with an integrated Boos cutting board set into a curved cabinet,” she says. “That is echoed at the opposite end of the island with a circular ‘floating’ glass table.” The “fabulous” pantry was given a full-storage front design with side cabinetry that curves slightly backwards to side glass display cabinets, and drawers also abound throughout the kitchen.

“Susan Brook helped us create our dream kitchen,” the client says. “Susan was meticulous about every aspect of the design process. She brought together craftsmen and professionals and coordinated the remodel seamlessly. We were so thrilled with the incorporation of her ideas and expertise with our personal tastes and preferences.”

Brook adds that she is most proud of how the connection of shapes, particularly the curves, was executed in her design. A lot of work went into the process; she had to bring in a mason to brick up part of the original exterior and completely transform a non-functioning walk-in pantry to have not only form but function. The redesigned kitchen bursts at the seams with both.

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