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La Clinica’s Handcrafted Modern

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

By John Dugan

When young design energy meets experienced craft, good things are possible. Ciszak Dalmas launched “La Clinica” to prove just that. A collection of handcrafted furniture produced by local artisans in Madrid, Turin and Sao Paulo, La Clinica consists of three different collections, each produced from local resources and traditions, all derived from the same design.

Solid wood from renewable or reused resources? Check. Wated-based paint? Check. Deconstructable for shipping? Yep. La Clinica's designs are purposely simple, efficient and natural showcasing the carpentry and wood-working skills of the artisans in the locales where they're made. Naturally, Dalmas has spent the last year lecturing on La Clinica and accepting an award or two. Shops in Spain, Italy and Brazil are carrying the line—hopefully we'll see it in the States someday, soon.

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