Comma Workshop quilts with original poems

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Let Us Quilt Then, You and I…

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

OK, Nana's flowery quilts were never your style, but that doesn't mean they can't be cool. Kerry Larkin, owner and design director of Comma Workshop, brings a fresh perspective to the tradition of storytelling through quilts by sewing an original story or poem of 800+ words directly into each handmade quilt. The words are functional, too, holding each of three layers of fabric together.

"An architect-turned-quilter (and from a long line of quilters), I started Comma Workshop in 2010 in my Boulder home," says Larkin. "It has quietly grown into a cottage-industry-style studio. Every week, I drive the gorgeous Peak-to-Peak highway dropping off fabric and materials to the homes of our artisan quilters. Each quilt is made to order with love and care." Custom quilts, of course, are availablewe're thinking a quilt stitched with some choice lines from Prufrock will make a great birthday gift for our friends hitting middle age.


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