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Lexington Brass

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Photos of antique curiosities play off the brasserie style

Lexington Brass | Restaurant Spotlight

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Lexington Brass photos by John Bartelstone; Menard Construction oversaw the restaurant's buildout.

WHAT: A 24-hour bistro bar at the Midtown Hyatt 

WHERE: 48th St. and Lexington Avenue, New York

DESIGNER: Siobhan Barry, partner and lead designer at iCrave

ELEMENTS: Brass, brass, and more brass “It has a presence,” designer Siobhan Barry says of Lexington Brass. Bentwood chairs and iron-footed tables placed in the bistro’s floor-to-ceiling glass façade lets diners look out onto 48th and Lex and entice busy passersby to take a moment and enjoy themselves. “It makes you want to grab a perch and belong there,” Barry says.

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