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Lexon’s Corny Gadgets

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Corn-based polymers aren't particularly new, and we tend to see them more often in disposable products—the forks and spoons or smoothie cups at some Chicago lunch spots, for example.

Lexon's six-piece collection, however, designed at Lexon's invitation by Spalvieri/Del Ciotto, is meant to be held onto and used everyday. The white and green pieces (alarm clock, calculator, radio, flash light, FM radio/MP3 player) are made of polylactide. Polylactide (PLA), which is derived from cornstarch, has a lot going for it in that it can be processed with conventional plastic handling equipment. And now, evidently, recent advancements have made it possible to increase the materials thermal resistance. Still, I'd keep these babies away from your hot oven.

Word is that the Maizy series will have a friendly pricepoint and each item is powered either by a photovoltaic cell (little solar panel) or rechargeable battery via USB. 

MAIZY FM radio/MP3 amplifier, rechargeable on USB
MAIZY Solar/battery desktop calculator
MAIZY Solar pocket calculator
MAIZY Solar/battery LCD alarm clock
MAIZY Solar/battery analogue alarm clock
MAIZY Pocket LED light, rechargeable on USB

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