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“We made sure to realign each room’s ceiling so that they would have the same height throughout,” Bortoluzzi says. “I wanted to make the architectural spaces very clean so that the furniture and lighting would stand out.”


Designated as an entertainment space, the fifth floor is defined by quirky touches. A light fixture made of bundled fluorescent lamps hangs over a dining table. 


Design elements like the glossy metal shelves, used here in a bedroom, appear throughout the house, including on window sills and walls. “These recurrent elements anchor the playful feeling created by the furniture,” Bortoluzzi says. 


Bortoluzzi added perforated Cor-ten panels on the property’s two outdoor terraces. 


The wall space was effectively utilized in both of the home’s kitchens. Here, white, mounted cookware is a playful reference to kitchen culture. 

Lighten Up

Monday, October 28th, 2013

“Light is a very important part in creating the feelings, the atmosphere of the interior spaces,” Labo Design Studio’s Raffaella Bortoluzzi says. If the light fixtures in this four-bedroom, six-bathroom New York City town house are any indication, designer Bortoluzzi intended the space to feel playful. Greeting guests at the fifth-floor entrance is an interactive light sculpture that responds to their movements with waves of light. Another fun fixture—a suspended bundle of linear fluorescents—adds quirk to the floor’s dining area. Complementing the whimsical lights are Bortoluzzi’s unusual materials and artistic arrangements, including staggered hanging wooden boxes used to hold appliances and storage on the fifth-floor kitchen. 

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